Back to our ABC's …

Curacao Youth ChampionshipsThe Bequia Youth Sailors are going back to their ABC’s ! Not at school this time, but back to Curacao, for the Youth Sailing Championships (YSCO) regatta.

After the recent disappointment of  being turned down for our US Visa’s to attend the Puerto Rico regatta, the organising group from San Juan and the International Optimist Dinghy Association, IODA have helped and supported the Bequia Youth Sailors to get to the Youth Sailing Championships instead.

IODA has made a special grant available to cover the costs of the flights for our team of young sailors, YSCO have made Optimists dinghies available and are also providing accommodation and food during our stay. A big Thank You goes out to these organisations for the fantastic support being provided which is making it possible for us to attend. After the issues with obtaining visa’s, this generosity and support is a great lift to the entire team.

We will be taking the same team of four sailors, along with Coach Eddie, Andy and also Graham to capture the regatta on film. The young sailors attending will be,

Reon Ollivierre
Drewe Mitchell
Oreakay Joseph
Orion Ollivierre

We look forward to reporting direct from the races which take place between 15th – 17th February but we’ll keep you up to date with any further news as we get closer to the race.


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