We've come to the end of the road …

CNSJ International Regatta 2013Our attempts at getting US Visa’s to send a team of young sailors up to the Club Nautico San Juan (CNSJ)  2013 International Regatta have come to an end. The US Embassy have declined two of the applications and although two others have been granted, the time taken to issue them, will not be enough to get to the regatta.

It is with great disappointment that we have had to withdraw from the regatta this time round.

There seems little common sense as to the visas that were declined, other than it is connected with young people travelling without their parents. The decision seems to have been made on the history of their parents rather than the facts concerning the people actually travelling or any consideration given to the reason for travel.

All very frustrating, but we will learn from this as we move forward to take part in other international regattas.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our efforts:

  • Ronnie and the CNSJ regatta team in Puerto Rico
  • Simon and our sponsors, TUI Marine,
  • to the SVG Government Ministry of Tourism
  • to the Governor General, Dr Frederick Ballantyne himself for making contact with the Embassy
  • to all the parents of all the children for supplying lots of additional information
  • and to the team at BYS who have been running around the Eastern Caribbean this week to try and make this happen.

Thank you to everyone.

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